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The booking services of company TSF have got a long tradition – born in the middle of the 90`s out of the own traffic to UK and Ireland. In the following years company TSF transformed into the well known all-rounder and professional for all types of ferry crossings all over Europe.

We do bookings for all the major ferry routes, in all countries of Europe where regular ferry crossings do exist – as example UK, Ireland, whole Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea, Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, North Africa, the Black Sea and exotic destinations like the Canary Islands, Faeroe Islands, Iceland etc etc as well.


A major focus of our services is the booking for all kind of special or heavy weight transports – a length of 38 meters, 6m width and/or more then 150 tons of gross weight are not too uncommon for us. Please do not hesitate to send us your enquiry for!


We’re proud to offer you the following advantages:


- quick answers to your enquiry (normally within 30 min)
- sensible recommendations from the practice
- showing of alternatives and optimization of routes
- clear information on the advantages and disadvantages of various crossings or vendors
- and very often appropriate price advantages


We do guarantee you a strictly neutral and practical service. Our offers are always tailored to your specific needs, and represent the perfect balance between price and performance.


Test our services; we’re looking forward your challenge!


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